Wednesday, November 15, 2006

High Key Amanda

Took some more available light pictures with Amanda yesterday. Again this is just beside a bright window. This time though, I exposed a couple of stops above what the meter said, to go for a really high key, bright feel to the shot. I'd asked Amanda to wear a white shirt and balanced a bit of white board behind her to keep the background in theme. Then I was shooting down, standing on a chair, to get a slightly higher angle. I like how looking up has gotten some more light into her eyes. I've had some mixed reactions to this shot. I really like the bright, airy feel and the great smile. Some people don't like the really sharp fall-off in depth of field between the two eyes. I need to experiment more with different apertures - I tend to shot a lot either wide open or only a stop or two down from there. This was shot around f2 and perhaps f5.6 might be more appropriate at this distance from the subject, with this lens (85mm, 123mm effective)