Monday, November 06, 2006

Abbazia di Sant'Antimo, Tuscany, Italy

This one was taken in an Abbey in Tuscany. The light was beautiful in the old church and there was chanting drifting through the air. I shot this entirely out of focus to focus in on the shapes, colours and light that was in the place. This is the fourth image I plan to enter in the TPS MOS. I like how this captures the 'walking into the light' religious feel of the abbey and some of the airy, openness of the space. The muted tones and hues reflect the very austere styling of the Abbey. The shot was also part of a shoot where I took all of the pictures from one spot in the church, making 30 out of focus compositions from within a 1 meter square of ground. It was certainly an interesting constraint to work within and really slowed me down and forced me to think about the shapes of the things I was pointing the camera at, rather than the details of what they were. It is a useful exercise to help break down compositions into just colours and shapes. I'm really happy with this image but I'm not certain if that is just my memory of the experience of taking it rather than something that's really in the picture.


Andreas said...

Hi Gordon, got here via the Radiant Vista :)

I really like the cool idea of taking a number of images from exactly one spot. Have to try that myself. Good work, Keep on :D