Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Randy Kerr taught me just about everything I know on taking portraits in natural light. I might only just be starting out but everything I know came from Randy. So it was with not a little bit of nervousness I asked to take Randy's picture! He was gracious enough to give me the opportunity and we found a great natural location in Austin for the shoot. We were in a sort of limestone cave/ overhang, with lots of green ferns and dripping water. The light was soft and really wrap around, flowing into the shaded area, but still with enough direction to give some character. Perfect for portraits. I think I might use that location again. In a lot of ways it is similar to what I've been trying to achieve with window light - soft, directional side light, without any illumination from directly above. As I met Randy through shooting at the Wildflower Center and the majority of his work is taken outdoors, the setting was even more appropriate. This tight headshot doesn't show much of the location but the even light is very visible.