Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Another addition to the 'friends' project. This was a simple grab shot while out for lunch. It was shot under a wide, bright yellow umbrella in Key West. The light was very even but with a bit of a strange colour cast to it. A bit of tweaking with the 'photo filters' in Photoshop brought it back close to normal then I treated it with the same partial desaturation toning that I'm using for all of the pictures in this series. When I started out with this, I wanted to use a consistent treatment to tie the various portraits together visually, as well as them being related through the subjects being friends of mine. The partial desaturation is interesting to me as it is really a tonal palette that is only available in the digital world and not something that was particularly common with film.


John Tucker said...

Gordon, I really like this shot. It sends the message that Damien is a very friendly and personable guy. My immediate response when I first saw it was to smile. I, also, like the treatment you used. It's subtle and easy on the eyes. This image looks like a stock photo. Very nicely done!