Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mallory Square artist

Just got back from a great weekend in Key West and Miami, Florida. We went with some friends and drove down through the keys for a couple of days in the southernmost town in America. It is pretty wild down there, a lot of partying going on all year round. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, though we did go to Mallory Square for the sunset celebration, one evening. This is a mix of art faire, buskers and hawkers, all trying to get some of the tourist dollars. This one particular lady stood out for me, with her amazing red glasses. I talked to her for a few minutes about her art and life in the keys and then she was kind enough to let me shoot a couple of frames. That little bit of interaction made things much easier, than just approaching and asking if I could take her picture without anything before. The light is from the setting sun just behind me. That's almost an entire handful of people I've approached and none of them have said no!


Lulu said...

You are really amazing Gordon. If you ever feel the need to get some real punishment - I mean learning experience - taking a portrait of a 2 year old, just let me know.

Mike Holley said...

Hi Gordon,
A wonderful picture. You have made a step that I am yet to have the confidence to do - approach a stranger and take their picture.

Lactose said...

Sweet pictures. I got goosebumps reading about how you got that cigar shot, gives me courage to try it.