Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Embrace the blur

Just submitted my first entry for publication in JPG magazine. The magazine looks pretty good, inspirational photography and plenty of it. The theme is for the submission is 'embrace the blur' and I've entered the picture above. I was shooting high school football and the light was terrible. Eventually I gave up on trying to get crisp stopped action and embraced the blur and started panning the action. I love this particular photo, for the way the quarterback is sharp, with his face, helmet and the ball in focus, with the chaos of the other players flying around him. I always seem to forget to use long exposures and motion in my photography, but every time I do try it, I'm really intrigued by the results. You can vote for my picture here. Go on. You know you want to. Please ? :) It will only take a few seconds. But you will have to sign up for an account for the vote to count. But I'll be really thankful. and it is thanksgiving, here in the US.


Amanda said...

I voted for you!

MW said...

I did too.

what do you win?

Mike Holley said...

Hi Gordon, I voted too. Great photo, good luck. I'm enjoying your blog btw.

mikeholley from the RV community.