Sunday, November 13, 2005

Take Two

Another favourite from the Ocotillo shoot. This time, this was shot at 0.7s, f/32, ISO 100, but with the camera in portrait orientation.


Neil said...

This is a great subject for the technique, and I think it came out really well. Nice!

ursula said...

I agree with Neil, the subject is very good for the technique.

This one looks more like you were going a bit in the round while shooting.

Unknown said...

I shot these with quite a variety of camera movements - up and down the branches, diagonals, some rotation and so on, at different shutter speeds.

It is quite amazing the amount of different feels and emotional responses you can get from the same subject just by playing with this.

ursula said...

What you say is true, it is amazing the different feels and emotional responses you can get with these pictures.

What I've wondered for quite a while though is this: "When I make a picture like this, what emotional response am I aiming to get from the viewers?" Or maybe the question should be: "Do I just make these pictures because I think they're pretty, or because I also want to convey something to the viewer - and if it is the second, do I want to convey the same to all viewers, or does it matter?"

It's curious how some people react very strongly to these kinds of pictures, whereas others just don't seem to even notice them. For myself it is important to try and reach this group that doesn't normally notice these pictures. How is the question.