Thursday, December 21, 2006

Right under your nose

Some times the best photographic opportunities are right under your nose. Case in point, I was out with a group of photographers and we were all feeling a bit underwhelmed by the street corner in Austin we were standing on. Then I noticed the black and white patterned stone pavement we were standing on. This was the first time we'd all got together to shoot, so it was time for a group shot. Getting to a different angle is a great way to shoot groups and this black and white background was the perfect backdrop.
I quickly nipped into the parking garage above us and got to a good vantage point. Luckily I managed to avoid the security and only did a little bit of trespassing. A wee bit of directing and shuffling around got the group together and that's the shot above. Suddenly it went from what would have been a line of heads shot at the same level, to something a bit more dynamic with a much simplified background - just by noticing what was right under our noses. Because everyone is looking up, there is more light in their faces and all the attention is right there too. We were shaded by the building across the street which helped keep the lighting simple.


Amanda said...

To me this sums up how far you have progressed with your photography. Do you think that you could have taken this picture back in 2001? Where I think you've really developed your talent is being able to identify a great backdrop and idea on the spur of the moment using the surroundings at hand, quickly execute the photo, and end up with an interesting, engaging, great shot like the one here. Speaking from experience, of having been the subject of your lens for seveal years now, I really appreciate the photographic efficiency that you have developed, while not sacrificing the light, composition and mood of the photo.