Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Amanda in her new hat

Austin grinds to a stand-still because of about 10 flakes of snow. All the offices are closed, people are stock-piling food and firewood. Nobody on the roads. The weather people have been talking this up as the worst storm to hit Austin in a decade. So far, we've had a very light dusting of snow and a few patches of ice.

Though I did see on the news last night a discussion that people were driving faster to get to their destinations safely. Perhaps that explains the problem! Forecast is that this is going to remain until Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe we can get back to the normal insanity by then. It was finally cold enough that Amanda could try out the new hat her mum bought her for Christmas though.
Canon 1DMkII, 580EX off camera on TTL cord, CTO gel on flash to warm up the subject/ cool down the background. +1 EV bias on the meter to keep the snow white.


rennie said...

Wonderful portrait.

Laurie L. Black said...

Amanda (as well as her new hat) is lovely, as usual. Great image! :)

T-Mayer said...

Very cute hat! Very nice!

凱記 said...
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