Sunday, February 04, 2007



I've been continuing with my friends photo project and managed to spend a couple of hours with Nedra & Trey at their house. We took a few shots that fit into the theme of the project, that I'll post later in the week. I also picked on them to help me out with some more elaborate lighting setups and this is one of those. The lighting isn't particularly difficult really but still a whole lot more than I'm used to doing. The whole setup for this took about 10 minutes, eyeballing it with the histogram on the camera. I used Amanda as a stand-in to get the lighting dialed in and then took just 8 shots of Trey to get something that I was happy with. I actually have about 5 good shots out of that 8 so it pays to have everything set up before hand! I really saw the value of having the light worked out before you bring the actual subject in with this. Before Trey was there, I was fussing around, moving lights, changing settings, but when he came in I was ready to go. The whole shoot from his perspective took about 2 minutes so he wasn't getting bored or fed up with the flashing strobe. Well worth spending the time up front to get good and painless results. Green wall behind him, hit with a green gelled flash on a stand down behind his back (SB-28 at about 1/8th power, zoomed to as narrow as possible. Main light: canon 580 EX to camera left & up into an umbrella at about 1/2 power, 4 feet away. Both strobes triggered with pocket wizards. 1/250s @ f5.6 ISO 100


rennie said...

Great portrait. I like the fill light on the right part of the photo. I wish I will learn one day how to use light.

T-Mayer said...

so nice to have the equipment to play around like this. Someday I will collect all the pieces too. Until then I will try my best to learn from your skillful examples! Thank you!