Monday, May 07, 2007

Craig Tanner's Light Diary


A friend of mine and a great photographer, Craig Tanner, has just launched a new photo blog. He's aiming to post five new images a week, along with a fortnightly podcast discussing this images. I think this one will be worth watching.
Craig has a great way with landscape photography but has more recently been focusing on portraiture and more creative styles of image making. He's also a big evangelist for the Lensbaby.


Germaine said...

I'm not that crazy about the tilted orientation of the portrait, but you've got beautifully clear b&w work. You've also caught a lot of character in Craig's face. He looks like he'd be fun to know. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Craig Tanner was the first person I ever heard speak about photography at the first convention I ever went to. I wasn't even really into photography then so the main thing I remember about that weekend was him telling us about a cross-country trip he took one summer, during which he mailed all his film home to be developed later and then none of it turned out.