Monday, August 13, 2007

Austin City Hall

Austin City Hall

I'd been meaning to shoot the city hall for a while - the shadows cast by the solar panels and the angular architecture looked to have a lot of potential. This shot felt like one of those scenes without actors though - a great stage that just needed someone, somewhere, to bring it to life. Amanda was kind enough to oblige and added an extra touch to the whole scene. There's a strange optical illusion to this image that initially can make it look like she's jumped out of a high building, until you can work out which way is up and down.


MikeW said...

that is fantastic.
looks like you're at the top of a NY sky scraper!!

Jim said...

Wow... I can't figure out which way is up, but it doesn't matter. It just adds to the awesome futuristic look. Nice post processing too.

Kavey said...

What a totally fantastic image - would love to see this one in a larger size if possible. Amazing.