Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy feet & mental cameras


Went for a run this morning. My initial thought was to run 5 to 7 miles. I haven't been having much fun on my longer runs (well any run) for the last few months. Lacking motivation, feeling the effects of the bit of weight I've added on, not liking the fact that the Texan summer has finally, belatedly arrived. But for once I managed to drag myself out of bed before 6:30 and get down to the Town Lake trail (sorry, Lady Bird Lake Trail as it is sort of now known).
First few steps didn't feel so wonderful. Nagging aches and pains in my legs from the bike workout last night, sleepy and tired at the same time, but I pushed on a bit. Then after a few miles I realised I was passing people. The morning light was beautiful - the sun just coming up over the trees, the lake really calm with only a few rowers out breaking the surface. My legs didn't hurt, my chest didn't hurt, I wasn't dying in the heat (it was only about 75F this morning). I also noticed I was mentally paying more attention to the light - picking my camera up again seems to have me thinking that way again. Noticing how the light looks raking across the dewy backlit grass. *Click* Seeing the colour difference in the warm light and the blue shadows. *Click* I'm mentally composing frames and looking at angles again. It is quite cool to have my mental camera back again! I ended up having so much fun that I decided to run 10 miles instead of my initial plan. I ran over the Longhorn dam, stopping long enough to take in the huge rushing cascade of water as the sluice gates were open. *Click* The coolest part of the whole run was finding one of those 'your speed' traffic radar displays in Fiesta Gardens and managing to pick up the pace enough for it to register my speed at 10mph! *Click*


Laurie L. Black said...

Just a note to say how much I enjoy reading your blog...entertaining, personal, and very informative. I appreciate the time and thought that goes into your posts. All my best to you and Amanda! :)