Tuesday, September 18, 2007



This was a hard thing for me to accept. I've always defined myself as an engineer. I might describe my photography as a hobby or something I do to pass the time, but I'd shy away from such a bold statement. I took pictures for fun, I spent a lot of money and time on camera gear and working with images, but I'd always avoid saying this. But here it is. I am a photographer. I see photographically. I frame images in my mind, even without a camera. Colours and colour pairs jump out at me as I go through my normal day. I can see the difference and intersections of indoor and outdoor light and can see the difference in colour temperature. I take & make pictures more than I collect camera gear. Ideas for photographs or concepts for projects assail me constantly. I am a photographer. I noticed in Savannah when I asked someone if I could take their picture that I'd bring a long, boring story along with me to justify the process. I'm on a workshop, I'm taking a class, no I'm not a photographer, it's just a hobby, blah, blah, blah. Then somewhere along the way, someone said this to me and it suddenly crystallized and became easy. I accepted the truth. I am a photographer. I'm a lot of things. No one term or label can or has to define who you are. I'm a husband, a son, a triathlete, an engineer, a consultant. I'm also a photographer.


Steve said...

Well done.