Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the next step

amusingI'm not a great believer in horoscopes. It seems unlikely in the extreme that a particular paragraph is going to apply to 1/12th of the population, just because the stars said so. However, I do still read them on occasion.
I'm in Savannah, Georgia this week, attending the Radiant Vista 'Next Step' photo workshop. We don't really get started until tonight but I'm here a day early to enjoy some vacation time and see some of Savannah. I picked up a copy of connectSavannah and found this horoscope for Pisces, which did seem quite appropriate.
Hopefully I'll find my mojo this week. I'm excited to find out what we'll be doing! Part of the appeal of the workshop is that I don't really know what challenges Craig is going to throw our way. Savannah is a beautiful city, the people have been really friendly and it seems like a great place to spend some time.


Paul Butzi said...

Ok, I don't believe in horoscopes at all.

But I love this line from this one: "Everyone needs a muse, even soccer moms and homeless mimes."

That's priceless.

paul said...

You'll love it! I attended the workshop in March of this year and it was beyond words. Craig is a fantastic teacher. You will be challenged!