Saturday, September 15, 2007



A new good friend of mine, Gil. Somehow I never got a straight portrait of Gil over the few days we spent shooting in Savannah. We talked and I was inspired by the strength of his belief. Gil's a great film maker and that really came through on some of his assignments. You could see the flare for storytelling. This shot used Gil's trademark Hawaiian shirt to provide some light and subtle colour to lift an image of the square's name plate. I wanted to shoot the park name, but the light was flat and not that interesting. I positioned Gil in the sunlight, about 15 feet away, so his illuminated reflection would lift the water lying on the plaque. I always find it interesting the things you can use for a light source or bounce or how you can provide fill in a portrait, just by wearing a bright shirt. Gil also involved so many people in his ideas and really got them to contribute. Inspirational.


MW said...

Was there a sale last week on "A new good friend of mine, *insert name here*" sentences?

; )

Unknown said...

Yup, I met a lot of new good friends last week.