Monday, October 01, 2007


Which is your dominant eye ? Do you look through your camera with that eye ? I realised today that I'm right-eye dominant but I shoot with my left eye looking through the viewfinder/lens. Do you use your dominant eye ? Does it matter ?


Matt said...

I'm right eye dominant as well, and shoot with my left eye looking through the viewfinder. I've found that I can easily change which eye is "dominant" I've learned to shoot guns both ways as well.

Steve said...

Strong left eye dominance. I think your CD experiment was probably fairly accurate.

Dan said...

I'm left eye dominant. It's always been that way. My eyeglass prescription is weaker for my left eye as well. I simply can't look through the viewfinder and shoot using my right eye.

It used to be a real PITA with some of the older Nikon film cameras since the meter was switched on by moving the film advance lever out about 5 degrees. Perfect to poke a left-eyed guy in the right eye or inadvertantly get switched off.