Monday, October 29, 2007

Interview with Steve McCurry

Just finished up listening to a great podcast interview by George Jardine with Steve McCurry. He explores his approach to working with strangers and photographing them, even when he isn't really able to communicate with them verbally. Also his ideas on light, composition and how that should be applied to portraiture is really informative to hear. At the bottom of it all though, he details how much work and dedication is required to get great pictures. The interview is about 40 minutes long and well worth the effort, I think. Steve McCurry is well known for his National Geographic portraits, such as the iconic Afghan Girl. There's also an exhibition of his work currently on in Waco, Texas that I hope to get to soon.
The most important thing is to photograph something that you are passionate about. Thanks to John Cornicello for the link, via the RadiantVista website.


Spaz said...

Sometimes the trick is discovering what you're passionate about.