Tuesday, October 23, 2007



We met Ronnie in Yosmite Valley at the overlook out towards the classic Tunnel View/ Inspiration Point view. On a clear day you can see El Capitan and Half Dome, right down the end of the valley. This day however was cloudy and wasn't really a great photo op at the time we were there. I was also much more drawn to the fantastic, colourful outfit and big happy smile that this person presented to the world. So I complimented her on her outfit and really wanted to take her picture. Standing at a viewpoint it is a bit awkward to approach a stranger and ask to take their portrait. So I asked her to take Amanda & my picture, together. She did a great job of it, took our picture, wanted to switch on the flash, composed it well and everything. Then it was simple for me to turn the tables and take her picture, now that the ice had been broken. The picture she took of Amanda and I is the one below. That was the thing that moved us towards me getting the picture above. That was the MacGuffin in this case.
tunnel view