Sunday, November 25, 2007

Big Bend

Big Bend

Just got back from a great trip out to West Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday. We camped in Big Bend National Park and had a great time, high mountains, nights freezing in the desert, snow storms, sand storms. Survived it all and got home this evening. This is a picture of the crew we climbed the Chisos mountains with. Took this about half way up the Laguna Meadows trail, as we hiked up to our campsite on the rim. I'll post more about the trip after some sleep!


Don and Sher said...

Man that looks like fun and the perfect group for the red noses.

Ted said...

You are having a terrific month Gordon. I've been up to my neck with work and distractions recently and haven't had the chance to stop by here and recharge my eyes. I love the portraits. And you're really showing off the fireworks with all of the different captures. The way you've captured a bunch of people so nicely set off by defining backgrounds rocks. But the candid lighting makes all of them authenticallhy pop.

Nice work.