Sunday, November 18, 2007

what's it for?

Was out again shooting in Austin, last night. Sixth street seemed pretty quiet at first, but things perked up later on. Craig challenged me to go and take some portraits. I think I started working on a pizza theme - people were happy enough getting their picture taken but happier still when I didn't stop them eating. Everyone wants to know 'what's it for?'. Most seemed happy with just about any answer though. Particularly fun is just to go straight for their fears, so if they think it is going to be used for some wild and wacky reason, I just go along with it and say yes, it's going to be on a porn site. That seems to relax them, gets a laugh, breaks down the barriers. I got a few people saying no, one was concerned that he was a professional model and didn't want his agent seeing them, a few others just weren't interested. I handle that better now - it isn't a rejection, they don't hate me, they just didn't want their picture taken. I'm getting more comfortable just shrugging that off and finding the next willing subject. I also got plenty of people willing to do a whole lot more than just stand there - the pair at the top where a highlight for me.