Monday, December 31, 2007



It's been a good 2007 - I started out wanting to take more pictures of people and really got on top of that this year. I still have a bundle of fears and apprehnsions about approaching strangers but I now understand at least that most of it is in my head. That's been a huge, fun lesson for me. It has made me more out-going, in general, and also let me meet plenty of interesting and fun people that I would never have spoken with before. The big resolution from last year, other than more pictures of people, was to finish the Ironman and that was a big part of my life at the start of the year. Exercise has taken a bit of a back seat through the rest of the year, initially from post race mental fatigue - I just couldn't be bothered - and now in the last 3 months as I've hurt my ankle. So looking forward, I'm going to get back into the training, try to do some more exercise, swim a bit and generally keep Amanda company while she gets ready to do Ironman Lake Placid in the summer of 2008. Photographically, I'm going to write and publish a book. At least one. Maybe two, now that I've started thinking about doing it. It looks so innocuous written down in a single sentence like that. 'Write a book' - that can't be too hard now, can it ? I've got the ideas ready to go for two, all I have to do is follow through... Also, take more pictures, spend more time catching up with friends and blog more. I think that's enough for one year.
I wasn't going to post any resolutions but MK asked.


milo said...

keep the price down and sign me up for the books :)

Anonymous said...

I guess that depends a little on how long that book is. Or on how many pictures :) I think one pencil and many pictures would be the best idea. More than one pencil is too much reading.

John M. Setzler, Jr. said...

I think a book would be an excellent project for you... I'll definitely be a customer :)