Tuesday, January 22, 2008



A busy weekend, just finished. On Saturday I went to a meet with the strobist readers in Austin. There were almost 40 people there with a couple of great instructors leading the whole event. They ran through several lighting scenarios, then we took over the halls of the hospital to shoot with a pair of models that came along. It was a great opportunity to practice and experiment. There's a lot of energy to be found sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded shooters. What always inspires me is to see the results that people got, when shooting right beside you - often they are dramatically different, just because of how differently they saw the same situation. Then on Sunday I went along to a meet-up with flickr users in Austin. This time I didn't know any of the people that were going to be there, so decided to break the ice and give myself a quick project to take some portraits. I used a modified version of an exercise we did on the Next Step workshop. Just after each person arrived I went up and introduced myself, then asked if I could take their picture. I made a quick portrait then switched it around and asked them to take my picture using my camera. Almost everyone there bought in to the idea - only one person said no - and it was a great way to get a chance to talk to everyone, right at the start. Really broke the ice and I even got a couple of good portraits. I particularly like this one above, of Andy, in front of a red door. The door was in a porch at a house in South Austin - good shade from above, brightly lit world behind me, good colour contrast with the clothes he was wearing - perfect. The rest of the portraits have a variety of issues, slightly missed focus, off white balance, but that really wasn't the point. collage After a quick lunch, we went to the Cathedral of Junk, in South Austin and shot for a few hours. Vince has constructed a multi-story pile of scavenged and found items, in his back yard. I suspect he doesn't have a HOA to oversee his activities! It was fascinating from a photographic stand-point. So much to see and explore. I got lost in there for several hours, with a macro lens. If you are at all interested in macro shooting, then this is the place to go if you have some time in Austin and are at a loose end. You can get an idea of the possibilities looking at the shots I took.


Ben Bailey said...

Great images all around.

Looks like a fun time. I've been meaning to visit an Austin meetup, but can never manage it when I"m in town. One of these days I'll have to make the short trip from College Station.

A trip to the Cathedral of Junk is definitely in my future. I love shooting old, colorful, rusty stuff so it is right up my alley.

Larry D Hayden said...

Nice idea for breaking the ice on get togethers. I may have to steal the idea at an upcoming surprise birthday party this weekend.

I was at Cathedral of Junk in Nov of 2006. What a great place.

I also really like how you develop your images. Great color and clarity rendition.