Tuesday, February 19, 2008

crystal & chelsea

chelsea crystal
I met this pair on South Congress, while out shooting with Chris after the flickr meet. They were trying to take a picture of themselves, so we offered to help out. Then followed up with the obvious request. What I like about these was how I found backgrounds that really complimented their clothes and style. The posters reflect the themes in their hair style or glasses as well as fitting in with the black/white & green colours, or the pale yellow and blue. I feel I've come a long way from timidly asking if I could take a picture then snapping off one shot. I was able to think about this, ask them to move a few feet to a suitable background and get better results. The amazing part for me is that both of these shots were taken about 3 feet apart and I could find such diverse and complimentary backgrounds so easily. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm slowing down and getting a bit more comfortable with this portrait photography. Long way still to go.


Julia said...

I should make an exercise for myself of finding great backgrounds for portraits and trying them out. They're everywhere, yet I don't see them... yet.

Those two shots are fabulous.

Ken said...

Boy, you couldn't have gotten better bg's. Nice images. Were you able to send these street models a copy?

Enjoy your blog.

Ken said...

...found the answer was yes, if they use your contact card, which is a good way.

Gordon said...

Ken, yes they emailed me a couple of days later and I was happy to send them digital versions of the images.

I send prints if people want them, too.

Paul said...

Those backgrounds and portraits are great, Gordon. Also, the pictures, side by side, make for great contrast.