Tuesday, February 12, 2008


haley haley
85mm, 1/800sec @f2.2, ISO 100
These pair of shots of Haley were taken on a side street, just off South Congress Avenue in Austin. She was one of Aaron's friends that we asked to pose for us for a few minutes. This side street has several really brightly coloured store fronts that I wanted to try out for backgrounds. The sun hits the other side of the street so there is a lot of bounced light, but the walls are in shade so it is a great spot for calm, bright, wrap-around lighting. In the left shot, I picked a colour background that would be in the same hue family as her top. In the second shot I went for something much more contrasting, getting her to split the difference between two areas of colour. I think they end up having a really different feel to them as a result. The red on red shot has a much calmer, warm feel while the blue and green really jar the eye and create a lot of contrast that is much more dramatic. I find it has a more playful feel as a result. The great thing is that these two significantly different feeling shots were taken about 5 feet from each other. Great backdrops are everywhere - I've never understood why someone would use a grey muslin. I'm sure it works for some people, just doesn't work for me.


Paul said...

Man! You meet some interesting people. I need to come to Austin to do some street shooting with you! :-)