Sunday, March 30, 2008

the candid frame

dorian graydorian graydorian gray
Ibarionex Perello keeps plugging away with his excellent series of interviews over at The Candid Frame. He has been producing these interesting and in depth podcasts for almost two years now and is on the 49th episode. Well worth dipping into the archives if you haven't heard them before. He talks to a wide variety of photographers, working in different styles and with different goals. There is a lot of insight into the process and working life of these creative people that I've found inspirational and entertaining. He's had a few technical hitches in the last couple of months but things are back on track with a great interview with Erin Manning that delves into her approaches for working with people and interacting and getting the expressions and shots that she wants. Good stuff if you are interested in getting better at that aspect of photography. A great podcast and worth the download. I always look forward to the next interview. You can stream interviews from his blog, or subscribe to them via iTunes.