Wednesday, March 26, 2008



With the start of the project fast approaching, Paul Butzi exhorts people to 'blog like crazy' about the process. That's certainly going to be part of the whole experience. Sharing the ups and downs of trying to get this together as part of a group of other people having similar issues. If we all work on overlapping periods, it should push us onwards. Knowing that other people are expecting to see the finished result will provide motivation to get it done. One thing I'm pondering is sharing images in progress - will the final result be better or worse for sharing the images ? If I get a great image along the way, does it diminish the impact to share it before it gets into the final collection ? Just show rejects or share everything. Keep it under wraps but talk about it a lot. Any thoughts on that ?


Paul said...

Gordon, I think that I'll keep my photos to myself, save for the occasional photo that will accompany the post.

I think that when it comes to the editing process, there will be a lot of changes, rearranging, and getting the 'fit' right.

However, I do intend to blog about the experience of it, if nothing more than just a journal for me to remember it by.

A Jesse said...

Gordon, I'm in Paul's camp as far as holding the photos back for the final product. That is unless there is a particular learning curve with one that I want to talk about.

I don't think I ever sent you a big thank you for the informative post on your Blurb experiment. I appreciate your generosity and clarity.

Question: Did you work through all the out-of-gamut issues with each photo? Or, did you take your chances on color substitutions?

mcoker said...

I agree with these guys.

Gordon said...

Hi Anita, thanks for the comment. To the out of gamut/ soft proofing for blurb : I soft proofed and adjusted all of the images before sending them.

Some needed more work than others.

A Jesse said...

Gordon, thanks again. I had started wondering if I was doing more than necessary. Still, it sounds as if it's worth all the effort.

Anonymous said...

I do not think it is very nice of her to laugh at you anxiety over this project.


Gordon said...

Steve - I agree, but I'm used to it :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to post photos along the way....but the images I post may or may not make the final cut. I think the process is as fun as the final product and I'm happy to share it.