Monday, March 17, 2008

work in progress


There is a SoFoBoMo group on Flickr now, if you want to share your images and the process as you go along.


jimbo11604 said...

I may be misunderstanding so, please ignore this question if it does not apply. Do you have a theme for your work?

mcoker said...

If I had to guess, the theme is world domination. Love your work Gordon :)

Gordon said...

Hi Jim,

thanks for the question. If you mean the general hodge-podge of images in the blog, then there isn't really one consistent theme. Maybe two streams, landscapes and portraiture, with a dash of travelogue.

If you mean the SoFoBoMo book, there is a theme and it'll be one fairly consistent style and approach I think, but I haven't started it yet (the whole deal is that everything gets done in one month - taking the pictures, putting them together, producing the final 'book'/pdf, any writing etc.

The picture above, of the guy working on the pipe, well I saw him while wandering around downtown for SxSW. I'm a sucker for complimentary colour pairs, like the blue and orange that are happening, along with all the angles and a little splash of yellow and red. Other than that it is totally unrelated :)

advman said...

Wow, that's one image! I love it for pretty much everything you say. I'd probably have settled for a tad more warmth, but that's personal preference only.

Good work.