Monday, April 07, 2008

one week in

To keep Paul company, here are the shots that I've produced for SoFoBoMo in the first week, after a first pass to throw out the ones that aren't anything to do with the book. Other than taking the pictures, I've written three text pieces and worked out a lot of the general style and fonts of the final book. More detailed layouts is the next step, along with editing and finishing some of these shots. Technically, the collage is put together by getting Lightroom to spit out 200x200 pixel thumbnails then I used Picassa to create the contact sheet. There's probably a more direct way of doing this, but it works (and duplicates a few pictures of Amanda at the start and end for good measure)


Paul said...

Gordon, it looks like you've been pretty productive! Smooth sailing ahead? ;-)

milo said...

freakin' awesome start, my friend