Sunday, April 20, 2008

sofobomo : final shoot

Went to Houston this weekend, to catch up with Amanda's sister, Kate. We spent a fun afternoon taking some portraits in the new Discovery Green park in Houston - that Kate helped launch and did a lot of the PR work. Kate has been learning about photography since getting a SLR camera for Christmas and we spent a couple of hours trying to find good light and learning a bit about using reflectors and shadows on a bright, sunny day to make interesting portraits. It helps me when I try to teach someone because I have to break down and explain my own process. I learn a lot about it along the way when trying to explain it to someone else. Amanda was kind enough to be the model for most of the day, while Kate and I took her picture. I also managed to take a few shots of Kate, shown here, for the expressions project. These are the final set of portraits I'm taking for my SoFoBoMo book, so now all that is left is putting them all together. I've cropped these slightly differently to my normal approach, with a bit of a more cinematic feel than others. I find I really like this very wide and narrow aspect ratio. I might explore this a bit more in the coming weeks.


Amy Sakurai said...

I too have been doing some of that sort of cropping (what I've been calling my widescreen format -- but cinematic sounds better), and I like it very much. It's sort of a pain (for me) to print and frame, and I guess it's just one more reason I need to buy a good printer. I'm glad my camera grabs enough megapixels that allow me to throw away so much of the image and still leave enough that I can make a large print.

Lightroom makes it so easy for me to play with extreme cropping. I live off of virtual copies.

Amy Sakurai said...

Umm... it was a bit rude of me to forget to mention that I think your photos of Kate are wonderful!

(And I'll be curious to see how you'll put cinematic photos in your book. I'm a bit stumped with that myself... I guess there will just be a whole bunch of white space on the page. In your case you could perhaps put multiple "layers" on one page, but I can't do that.)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, excellent, beautiful photos! I like the variation in composition and crop, too.

tsheets said...

These are awesome! You can just feel her fun spirit shining through!