Saturday, April 12, 2008

sofobomo two weeks in

sofobomo two weeks in

Another day of shooting for SoFoBoMo. Several very helpful and generous people made for a fun day. I went to the Austin Art City art fair and used that as a way in to talking to the people selling their art.

Several interesting people there, who were willing to participate in the project. Only one rejection - from a natural light, traveling portrait photographer who spends all his time working with strangers, naturally. I'm handling the rejection better these days, just move along :) Erin and Phil also agreed to participate and hammed it up magnificently.

I'm two weeks in to my SoFoBoMo month. Most of the pictures have been taken - I have a few people to talk to tomorrow and another 3 or 4 shoots set up for the rest of the week and then I'm done. Well, done with the shooting part. Now comes the editing part.

My brain has already left the station, off thinking about the next book project and then the other book project after that. Also trying to start up a Strobist beginners group to learn some fundamentals of lighting, to help lift us up for the next larger group get together. Always my problem. I love starting things. I love doing the 80% of projects. I need to work on my ability to knock out the last 20% and finish them. But SoFoBoMo will be finished. Another couple of weeks to go!

In other news, I got feedback on my ankle MRI. When I sprained it the ligament apparently pulled a large piece of bone off which is floating around in the joint. That'll explain why running hasn't been much fun for 6 months.


Julia said...

I recognized Phil right away, but almost completely missed Erin. So much of recognizing Erin is seeing her hair. Since you are just getting her face, it's just not as familiar as seeing Phil and his funny faces. (Because he sports a lot of funny faces pretty regularly!)