Monday, April 14, 2008

too many choices

Feeling a bit daunted right now. Shot several more people for SoFoBoMo over the weekend. Only really have 3 or 4 more planned shoots left. Essentially the taking pictures part is done. The playing around working out layouts is done. I just pulled all the possible candidate shots up in Lightroom. These are the ones left, after the obvious rejects have been thrown away. 342 images. Somehow I need to weed that down to final selects for the book. Seems like a big hill to climb.
But I suppose I get there, just like everything else, one picture at a time. Time to start trimming things down to a more manageable level. The hard part is mostly behind me, it is just about finishing now. ETA: About 4 hours later, I'm down to 193 images that are mostly finished. Getting there!


Julia said...

I have been trying to settle on a publisher and book size, so I can start working on layout.

Daunting, indeed.