Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where are they now ?

Where are they now ?

It is rare for me to have a fully formed idea for a photograph. Rarer still for me to wake up with it and have it stick in my head for several days. On Saturday morning I woke up with an image clear in my head. I'm trying to pay more attention to these few and far between moments, which is maybe why it has still stuck with me. I can still visualise it now - the composition, the lighting, how it all comes together. A mostly dark, blue motel room, a disheveled bed, maybe clothes scattered around. Not the seediest hotel in the world but not classy either. The bathroom door is open. Bathed in a yellow/green flourescent, tungsten light, a woman stands, naked, with her back to the camera. Long, dark hair cascades down her back. She seems to be brushing her teeth, arm raised. The only notable thing in the whole scene is she happens to have fish scales that start around her mid back and descend into a full tail that she seems to be standing upon. the concept - the little mermaid - where are they now. Fairytale characters brought forward to the present day. After all, they were going to live happily ever after and ever after is a long time, right up to the present day. Never much liked Disney, but I grew up with Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm. With this concept, I keep thinking of new permutations - the princess from the princess and a pea, holed up in a medical bubble, too sensitive to handle this modern world. The little drummer boy, just back from his first tour in Iraq. Rumpelstiltskin mending clothes in the back room of a dry-cleaners. I can see that first shot so clearly. Then I start thinking of what's involved in realising it. Location scouting. Getting access. Casting a model. The makeup required to pull off a half convincing tail. Lighting. Maybe the tail doesn't have to look so real ? Perhaps it just needs to be hinted at or even a more obviously fake take would work. Maybe a use for the distortion of the lensbaby, to blend the less polished aspects of the shot.


Brian Bastinelli said...


What a fantastic idea...

I can't wait to see

I have been thinking of all kinds of stories. This would be a great series of images to accompany a a series of stories of thier lives.

Too cool!