Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SoFoBoMo where are you?

Based on the idea over on Sam's blog, please add yourself to the map if you've been in on the whole SoFoBoMo experience. You can also link to the map with this url :


Anita Jesse said...

Gordon, now whatever that made me think you would be the one to add this map to your blog. Hmm. I wonder. Thanks, for the new toy we can all enjoy.

Speaking of fun, it was great seeing the article at The Online Photographer. You did a terrific job. Congratulations and thanks for being the ambassador for SoFoBoMo—only fittng for the Head Cheerleader.

Paul said...

Very cool widget, Gordon. I've added myself for all the world to see! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gordon! Don't know why I couldn't get it working on my blog, must be a wordpress issue. I was wondering if there was anyone else from Australia, now I know there is!