Monday, May 12, 2008

strobist GTG at dunvegan keep

strobist GTG at dunvegan keepTwo strobes to camera right, on 1/4 power, fired through a diffusion panel.
I'm still feeling the post-SoFoBoMo apathy but the rescheduled due to rain Strobist GTG was yesterday. I managed to drag myself along, planning just to catch up with some people and hold reflectors when needed. It was a beautiful, sunny day in the mid-70s. Perfect weather to be outside but a bit challenging photographically, lots of dappled light and sun/shade. We'd also made the slight mis-step of rescheduling on Mother's Day so a lot of people had other things to do. I did take a few pictures in the end and actually changed lenses, switching to the 70-200 F4L and trying to work on full body images, rather than just head shots. Maybe I'm starting to get some mojo back. For now, I just really enjoyed the lovely weather. For this shot of Rebekah, I was lying prone on the grass to get a low angle, shooting towards the longer end of the 200mm. I asked her to move and twist to get some motion in the dress and stop things being too static. The green door was a big part of setting up here and the doorway has a porch overhead that cut the direct sunlight.


Brian Bastinelli said...


I really like this image. Haaving just returned from Savannah with some concepts fresh in my mind I see them all in this image.

Gesture, color relationship, camera position, quality of light, background harmony, etc.

Great image!

Anita Jesse said...

What a beautiful portrait! I agree with Brian—absolutely everything works. I hope you will be exploring this area more.