Tuesday, June 17, 2008

another myth of talent


I had half an hour to spare before an appointment yesterday evening and wandered through Book People in Austin. I buy most of my books on Amazon but still enjoy wandering around the stacks particularly in a local independent book store, which often has a slightly quirkier selection than the main chains. I picked up How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer by Debbie Millman. I've read the first 60 pages and I'm hooked. On every second page I've found something that I've wanted to highlight, or share and I very rarely feel that even once in a whole book. The title so far is quite deceptive. The book is really about how creative people think, not so much about graphic design. It doesn't feel like a How To book either, just gives great insight into their thought processes. One this morning in particular feels appropriate for photography.
talent is the implemented desire to excel
- Stefan Sagmeister
Yup, desire matters. Opportunity matters. But just doing it is what really matters.


Paul said...

As Paul Butzi said, Art is a verb! And, as Nike says: Just do it! :-) Lastly, Craig Tanner said that Creativity = Productivity. You've gotta be out there doing it to make something happen. Thinking about it just doesn't work!

Anita Jesse said...

Something makes me think that this post is not only very wise, but it may cost me money, as well. That book sounds verrrry interesting.