Thursday, June 19, 2008

photo expressions available from blurb

By Gordon McGregor
Finally, after a couple of revisions and a bit of colour management tweaking, my SoFoBoMo book is now available from blurb. I know a couple of people have expressed an interest in buying a copy. The image wrap version of the book arrived today, which has quite a different finish to the classic hardback style, with a sleeve cover. I tweaked some of the images to get better colour and printed using the B3 custom workflow, this time around. As a result the new v2.0 version has much better colour reproduction and I'm happy with it. Finished at last. While looking through it, I did find one small imperfection, that I'm going to consider my Persian flaw and leave in. A few people have asked about my portrait approach and the two short essays in the book lay it all out. Now I just need to work out what's next!


Anita Jesse said...

Gordon, congratulations. What an accomplishment. And, I know everyone appreciates your tips re. custom workflow and different styles. Best wishes for tons of sales.

By the way, I can't put out of my mind your terrific idea about setting up a wiki as a source of information for the next SoFoBoMo. Have you given that possibility any more thought, or do you know if anyone is pursuing the idea? Obviously, folks like myself would gain a great deal more than I could give, but it sounds like a phenomenal resource.

Gordon said...

Hi Anita,

We've talked about it a little bit and I think it might be on the cards for sofobomoII. Haven't really had much discussion about the web site after we get the basics up and running though.

Anita Jesse said...

I hope it happens.