Wednesday, June 04, 2008

where does creativity hide?

How does string theory and quantum mechanics tie in to creativity? Amy Tan explains. Hopefully this provides enough physics to keep Paul Butzi happy. Elucubrate enough and you can find the links between everything. Particularly interesting is the notion how everything you experience informs your creativity - I wouldn't have paid as much attention to this if Paul hadn't made his off-hand remarks about my earlier post, for example. Wheels within wheels. Serendipitous events happen more often the more aware and open you are to them happening, or at least how willing you are to stop and follow those chance events, rather than ignore or discount them. Much like the cosmological constant.


MikeW said...

"where does creativity hide?"
It hides behind the 'procrastination' box; look for it in between the big jar of 'lazy', and the bag of 'too tired'.
That's why I hardly ever have any. (Except just now)

Anita Jesse said...

May I add that all too often it is cowering under the covers? How do I know, you ask? No, you can guess, I'm certain.

Thanks, Gordon, for posting the video.

Craig Tanner said...

Hi Gordon,

I had dinner last night with my sister and we got into a very intense conversation about belief and creativity (we are threatening to start a little line of cards together...I’m taking the pictures and she’s writing the copy.) I told Meg that one of my biggest sources of inspiration over the years had been dogs and that I wanted to have a whole series of playful shots with dogs. Dogs have always helped me to feel connection, be more joyful, and experience wonder. The joyful / playful part is a no brainer... The connection part has to do a lot with the emotional / spiritual wasteland of my childhood where my dogs were a huge saving grace. And wonder because no matter how much connection I have felt with my dogs and the experiences surrounding my dogs I have always wanted to be able to have that conversation with them so that I can finally understand what is really going on in their awareness. It a perfect metaphor for my relationship with the greater mystery of what or who, if anything, is behind the curtain of the magic that seemingly arises out of our focused intent.

When I saw the slide of the balanced rocks I was overwhelmed with every emotion I have ever felt when experiencing my own synchronicities...when the dog popped out at the end all I could think was THANK whatever the cosmological constant is.....Craig

P.S. Thanks for being here Gordon...I am a constant lurker and I am much better off with you blog in the world.