Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ironman USA

This weekend Amanda is doing Ironman USA. It will be her second Ironman and she has had a great season training, really dedicated, hitting all the key workouts and no injuries this time around (unlike me). The course is going to be tougher than Arizona last year but she is ready. I'm excited to be up there, supporting and seeing her putting together a fast, fantastic race!

I'll be taking pictures and also posting updates through the race via twitter, in the feed that's just appeared to the top left of the blog. You can follow along here, or sign up to get those posts on twitter. I'll hopefully post some pictures before and after the race on this blog too.

...and remember Amanda, what would Chopper say?


Steve said...

doesn't look like placid to me. can't wait to see some of your work from the event.

jimbo11604 said...

Thanks for the updates Gordon! Tell Amanda that I am thinking of her and wishing for her, the greatest race day ever.