Saturday, July 19, 2008

lake placid

imusa 4

Race prep is going well, Amanda's got all her packs packed, the bike is checked in and we've previewed the course. Kate, Andy and I have planned our viewing strategy, worked out which pubs to be in at what times and we are ready to go, too! The weather has been a mix of thunderstorms, sun, showers, fog and just about everything in between. Forecast for race day is a bit of rain later on in the day but it should be mostly clear for the swim and bike. Temperature is low and it all looks good. Lake Placid village is going crazy, inundated with triathletes and we are lucky enough to be staying a wee bit further out, in Wilmington which is keeping us away from most of the madness.

Should be a great race tomorrow! I've posted some pictures of the pre-race on my flickr account, here. You can hopefully follow Amanda on the athlete tracker (though it can occasionally 'lose' an athlete so don't panic if her times don't update!) Her race number is 2096. There is also live race coverage here and I'll update the twitter feed to the left as and when we see her.


Anita Jesse said...

Best of luck to Amanda! What a grand adventure. Let her know she will have fans far and wide.

John Setzler said...

I would like to wish you both luck! I could probably handle the pub hop portion of the triathalon :)

shubbe said...

Thank you for the cheering out there on the run course. It makes such a huge difference, especially on a day like yesterday. And it was nice to meet you. :)