Sunday, August 17, 2008

outer banks

bodie island lighthouse

Went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina this weekend. The forecast said scattered thunderstorms again, but I decided to risk it after all the comments saying it is always like that. Only got rained on a little the first night and my new tent stood up pretty well. Forecast for the second night was severe thunderstorms, wind and rain and it was clear and calm all night. I saw a few lighthouses, walked along the beach and saw the field where the first ever powered flight happened. All in all a relaxing, fun weekend. The one thing the pictures don't show are the number of mosquito and fly bites I'm trying hard not to scratch now. Plenty of DEET but some still made lunch out of me.

hangliding lessons


Paul said...

I'm sure that the no-see-ums had their way with you. They always do, unless there is a strong breeze blowing. They are so very tiny that they don't need much of an unexposed place to land. :-) However, they leave a much larger, itchy bump behind!

Man, I've lived in NC for over 4 years and have yet to go to the Outer Banks!

Gordon said...

I think you are right Paul. I did see quite a few mosquitoes and black flies digging in as well!

I feel like I have measels today. Must. Not. Scratch!

Charmaine said...

Good post.