Friday, September 19, 2008

a direction


I was pointed towards a couple of really amazing photographer's web sites today. I'm partly inspired and partly depressed in equal measure, but think they are all worth sharing. The common thread in Eric Ogden's images is beautiful, found light mixed with some additional strobe. Along with lovely locations and a great sense of story. Image, after depressingly great image, they unfolded infront of me. Looking for more, I found this interview with him from PDN that describes a bit about his process. Looking through his images pushed me to revisit Aaron Hobson's equally cinematic work. A common thread of narrative as well as lighting here I feel.

Another that blows me away is Mark Tucker. Again lovely light and clean, great portraiture. Inspired all over again. To finish off this linkfest, I went back and looked at Mark Robert Halper's site. The last two maybe don't have quite the cinematic feel of Eric Ogden's sumptuous images but all share a common thread of found light mixed in with artificial that really appeals to me. The idea of working in a studio doesn't interest me much at all, I've realised more and more. Setting up lights in a dark corner of a location has a similar lack of appeal - I want to find great light and enhance or play with it, rather than making it all from scratch. I need to stay on that thread for a while.

This shot above of Amanda is perhaps not in the same league, but shares some queues, using the light that was there in interesting ways. It has the advantage that I didn't have to get off the couch to take it and play around with the lighting options. Something to explore further over the months to come. I've spent a year or so getting comfortable with finding and recognising good available light - now I want to add and enhance, rather than overpower or replace. Working out what I like and maybe even more so, working out what I don't like helps move things forward.


Paul said...

Great post, Gordon. I had a look at the photographers that you mentioned and really liked what I saw. As far as lighting, I think that we certainly agree on it.

I love natural light and, if taking portraits, think that I would use it almost exclusively. Not that I have anything against artificial light, but window light, for example, really does it for me.

I look forward to your forthcoming work/experiments.

Robert Hoehne said...

while I find Eric's lighting to be great and working beautifully I do wonder how dark a cloud hangs over him. I don't think I saw one person that looked like they had a positive outlook on life. I come away from his pictures feeling depressed and lonely, even those without people are somber.
Maybe that dark cloud is the reason he needs extra lighting ;o)