Sunday, October 05, 2008

suggest a workshop for 2009


I've been on a few different photographic workshops over the last eight years. A few RMSP landscape workshops. The great Next Step workshop from Radiant Vista, local classes, trips to Tuscany. I get a lot out of spending a focused week just shooting and talking with other photographers. It's usually a great time too. I'm thinking about doing something in 2009 - anyone got suggestions or recommendations? Anything out there that's caught your eye or something that you've already done that you'd recommend? Comments welcome, even along the lines of don't be silly, don't waste your money, go do this instead...'


Paul said...

Well, you seem to like lighting. Joe McNally has some lighting workshops, some of them in exotic places! Also, you could take another RV workshop, Location Portraiture, I believe.

Or, you could always take a couple of flashes, some umbrellas, a lightbox and whatever, and head to downtown Austin ... much cheaper! :-)

Anonymous said...

Freeman Patterson, Akaroa, New Zealand. 14 or 21 February 2009.

You would love it.

Or you could go to the RV Street Portraiture workshop.

Either way Id see you there


Gordon said...

I'd really like to get on a Freeman Patterson workshop some time. That or a Keith Carter one. They both seem quite difficult to book!

Going to New Zealand this year, might be a stretch to go back in Feb too.

Jan Klier said...

I've done my share of workshops in 2008 and have become a lot more picky.

I'd stay away from those where the teaching photographer just wants cheap revenue. Look for ones that have a reputation for teaching.

That said, here are the ones I would take a second look at (haven't taken any of those, so can't vouch for them, but they pass my initial test).

- The PPA has some interesting workshops. I took one on Location Portraits in WA and it was pretty decent. The nice thing on PPA workshops is that they have to teach them for service credits, so that removes the money incentive.
- Related to that, I believe David Ziser teaches a Master Class which is supposed to be pretty good.
- There are the Maine Workshops at which look interesting.
- There are the Santa Fe workshops, which Joe McNally is associated with. A little close to home for you.
- advertises a few workshops that sound interesting, though I haven't vetted them.
- RV workshops of course a good, but as with anything you invest into, having some portfolio diversity is a plus.