Monday, October 13, 2008

through their eyes


Paul's post reminded me of one of the things I've really enjoyed on the few workshops I've been on. You go out with a group of variously talented photographers and set up in typically beautiful locations. The place is pregnant with great photographic opportunities and everyone shoots their heart out. Later that week, everyone shares their best images or favourite images, or favourite, best images. Typically there are a few that make you think 'where were they?' How could those images have been made in the place that I was, with those other people.

It always inspires me, seeing how others see locations that I've been in, particularly at the same time. There's always more pictures to be made in any given place than you could ever hope to take. Seeing through someone else's eyes is a great way to find out what you might be missing. I'm thinking of getting a group of people together to try to explore this - explicitly no copying, just seeing what we can find.


Yves said...

Great idea ! I'd join the group.