Sunday, November 23, 2008

christmas is coming

that time of year tree

Seems to be sooner and sooner every year. But then everyone complains about that, so I'll stop right there. I really like shooting Christmas lights. Meaningless, pointless and fun. I have a hard time standing still and shooting or using a tripod. I seem to always end up waving the camera around, or shooting out of focus or running back and forth while taking the pictures. Long exposures, out of focus, lensbabies, zooming the lens or my feet. So many fun ways to shoot Christmas lights in a non-literal way. Even with a small point and shoot camera, you can get good results, zooming with your feet while exposing, or twisting and turning the camera through the exposure, weaving trails of lights on the sensor.

that time of year xmas lights


Mark said...

It's like Christmas lights on crack. Which I'm certain is neither your intent nor for what you were hoping to hear!

It's been one of those days....

But I'm willing to try this sort of thing just to see what happens!