Monday, November 03, 2008

first annual reader survey


Why do you read my blog?

What makes you come back, if you come back?

What sort of subjects are you more interested in?

What would you like to read more about?

Feel free to email me suggestions or leave feedback in the comments. I'm interested to hear what sort of things you've enjoyed in the past or what more you'd like to hear about in the future.

Featured comment

Pitchertaker asks "What I'm curious about is why would you ask such questions?"

In part this is motivated by Paul's post on the reasons to blog, which has had me thinking about what I'm doing here and why people might be interested in reading it or not. Secondly, it's because I'm going through a period of introspection and discovery, or at least trying to. I'm following the exercises in the Artist's Way, mostly motivated by the recommendations from Craig Tanner. I'm trying to decide how much of that, if any, to share, because a lot of it comes across as whiney, self-important complaining. Those who have looked at the Artist's Way might recognise that as my inner critic talking :) So far it has brought up some interesting ideas and thoughts, but I'm hesitant to share them, in part because I suspect they aren't robust enough to stand the slings and arrows of random blog commenters, but I'm trying to understand if that sort of thing is even interesting. Hope that in some way answers the question.


Anonymous said...

Why do you read my blog?

I think a better question would be why did I add your blog to my RSS feed. A big part of it is because I know and like you. I think what I like about your posts is that they are honest and humble. You share a lot about what goes through your mind, and how you approach photography. I like to hear about your various projects, as it is through photography projects that I find motivation and inspiration, and seem to learn the most. I like that although I know you through strobist, you write a LOT about non-strobist photography.

What makes you come back, if you come back?

My RSS feed aggregator.

What sort of subjects are you more interested in?

health care, personal finance, bicycle commuting and for the moment, politics

What would you like to read more about?

I'd like the same type of posts to continue... your thought processes, inspiration, creativity, the non-technical side of photography, also the posts reaching out to the greater photography community through SoFoBoMo, pointing to other places, etc. Maybe a few more frequent posts of less depth, just short and sweet. Definitely want to see you adding more to the triathlon category in regards to your accomplishments. That is my big wish!

Barry Armer said...

Honestly, for me it is all about the photos. If any one of the many blogs I follow stopped posting photos I wouln't return. I rarely read all of the text portion of a post on a photo blog and frankly the longer the text part of the blog is the less likely I am to read any of it.
Keep posting great photos!


MW said...

-Google Reader.
-I'm not a photographer so i don't read your writeups on how to do this and that.
- I keep you on my list because I like to see Photos you take. If there's no photo to your post, I consider it a loss.
; )

Jan Klier said...

Why am I reading your blog?

We met in Austin in October, and I like to see what other photographers I met do. They may be a source of inspiration, they may share an interesting technique, they may have some interesting thoughts on photography. I do like to see the photos, mostly because it expresses who they are. But I'm not just for cool photos - I can look at any magazine for that. I also want to hear the back story, the reason you took the photo, etc.

What makes me come back?

As many already said - I use Google Reader. So new posts from you show up among the posts from the 100+ other blogs I follow. If the title sounds intriguing I'll check it out. But if over time I'm not getting much out of a blog I don't hesitate to remove the feed. I added you because I got to meet you. To keep it there is a matter of interestingness and freshness.


Whatever inspires you. I'm here to see your work and thoughts. I might find that interesting or not. We'll have to see.

pitchertaker said...

What I'm curious about is why would you ask such questions? I've always thought that blogs were a way to clear one's mind and gets ideas and throughts out in the open where they can be examined -- mostly by yourself. I don't write my blog for the entertainment of others, I write it for me.


Bill said...

1. I like your photos and what you say.
2. See (1).
3. Anything - just keep on as you are.
4. Not bothered about the technical side, that's easy to come by. Photography as art is more difficult, but; see(1).

Keep it going.



Cambridge UK.

Anonymous said...

1. First I found your blog during SoFoBoMo, but just recently you posted a comment at my blog, which reminded me to add you feed to my reader.

2. The RSS reader makes me come back, but your writing is what preventing me from removing the feed.

I don't want to answer the last two questions. After all, if you focus on what interests you, it is more likely that I will continue to read you blog.

doonster said...

Pretty much what Kjell said. I think I'd visited acouple of times prior to SoFoBoMo but that prompted to add the feed to my reader.

Agree with pitchertaker - keep writing about what interests you and I'll keep coming back. If it was just stuff I thought of, it'd be my blog. I read blogs that offer different perspectives to mine.

Jason Anderson said...

Just found your blog, but I like the layout, and will make sure I add it to my RSS feeds.

Photography, including news, information, reports, reviews, and yes, photos.

Anything - I am a sponge.

As an aside for those that say photos only and that they don't read content - you are missing out, content is king and while photos are fun to look at, they don't really teach you anything. If you really want to learn, you have to be willing to read!

forkboy said...

Since you inquire AND because I love to communicate.....

I would like to see more blogging regarding the everyday that comes with photography. It seems that you wait, compile, create, edit and then finally post your pieces (just the feeling I get). I think you may better serve not only yourself, but those of us who enjoy your blogs, by being more free-flowing with ideas.

Ultimately any idea proffered may not be the best, but it certainly invites dialogue and while there may be some commentary you wish didn't appear, those who are higher-minded won't be suckered into nonsensical diatribes.

doonster said...

On your reply to Frank (pitchertaker) - from my experience writing (and maybe posting) that stuff helps sort out in my mind the whining from the useful stuff. It's also proved useful for myself to have record to refer back to.
Sometimes random blog comments can also help.

Anita Jesse said...

Gordon, I didn't miss this post, but I wanted to think about my comment a bit before posting, since it's not what you asked for.

I read your blog because I find you, along with what you talk about and photograph, interesting. Please don't ask me what you should write about. I prefer that you continue to delight, surprise, challenge, inform, and inspire me.

I don't know you well enough to begin to guess all the possible topics occupying your fertile mind. Some of the posts that I have enjoyed immensely covered subjects in which I had zero interest—until you brought them to life with your pictures and words.

And, please don't edit out "whiny, self-important complaining." I, for one, feel inferior enough as it is without being given the impression that I might be the only one who ever feels a bit sorry for myself and needs a good whine now and then.

Paul Allan Martin said...

Why do I read your blog? To see in a new way ... your way, or the ways of other people that commend themselves to you (& so you post/link them here).

Why do I come back? Because I can never get enough of seeing in a new way.

Can't answer the last two questions, because I don't know what I don't know.

Amanda said...

I read your blog because it was one I stumbled upon the same day that I heard about SoFoBoMo, and your perspective is really interesting to me. I really enjoyed watching your process of working through that project as I struggled through my own.

You are often talking about things that I am thinking about, and your thoughts provide a unique perspective. Keep your thoughts coming, and I wouldn't worry too much about whether we will stick around - it seems like that is why most of us are reading. Plus, the great pictures are always a good bonus.

Unknown said...

I read it because I like the way you think about things.

I come back because I get curious about what you've come up with lately.

I don't think blogging is as much about what the readers want to read as it is what the blogger wants to say.