Tuesday, November 25, 2008


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I was already composing a post for today about how badly I failed at the reading deprivation. I struggled with it and failed miserably really. Kept reading blogs. Kept browsing the internet. But a funny thing happened while I was trying to avoid forums.

Last night, when I'd normally start reading a book or flicking through a magazine, I found some motivation to try again. Because I'd committed to at least attempting the Artist's Way exercise, I managed to spend time not reading. Instead I started working on the copy of my book that I'd printed out (yes I know, technically still reading, but I was writing too). Then along the way, I found an urge to pick up the camera and start taking some pictures. So I did. I took around 200 pictures of Amanda and I spending a quiet night at home, together. More pictures than I've taken for weeks. More fun than I've had in a while with a the camera, too. Maybe there is something in this exercise after all.

@home - a set on Flickr


Paul Allan Martin said...

See? Works just like writing!

Just terrific pics, too: they have that classic film look.

Anita Jesse said...

Getting unstuck feels great—no matter what does the "unsticking".

Lovely shots.

forkboy said...

I cannot write to the merits of this programme, but I can say how much I enjoyed the resulting pictures.

Spontaneous. Happy. Fun. It looks like you both had a great time.