Monday, November 03, 2008

where do your ideas come from?


I seem to over-think project ideas. Kill them before I even get around to starting them. Least that's my current theory about my lack of progress. I see in my mind's eye that the results wont be interesting enough, even before I start taking the pictures. I need to find a way to quiet those nagging doubts in my head that don't let me start. Well, I start, often enough, but the follow-through isn't there. Shorter projects work well because there isn't so much time for the dislike of the results to set in. I never feel the ideas are interesting enough, or worthwhile, or that anyone will care to look at them.

I've been journaling each morning for the last week, trying to find a way forward. That worked well in the past - I think I'm at the whining self-pitying phase at the moment. It'll pass.


Anita Jesse said...

Gordon, have faith in yourself and don't underestimate the effect of your recent surgery. You may be underestimating the effect of the assualt on your body not to mention all the drugs that get pumped into you before, during, and after, as well as being unable to exercise in the way your body craves. All those things create havoc with your mind and spirit. It may take a while longer, but you will come roaring back.

forkboy said...

I love the whining, self-pity usually makes for the best blog entries!

So here's a raised glass to self-doubt, self-pity and self-loathing! Long may they provide the inspiration for great blogging.

doonster said...

You're a glass-half-empty kind of guy, it seems. Try the glass-half-full approach. Instead of focusing on all the reasons why your work doesn't/won't stack up, think of all the ways it could be improved, starting from the things that are good and working out.