Sunday, January 18, 2009

paul and other denziens of the zoo


I took a portrait of Paul, in front of the first brightly coloured wall I could find. Didn't want to disappoint him, after all. Also took some pictures of the few animals I saw. I always find myself more interested in seeing how the visitors to the zoo interact with the animals, rather than just trying to take clean pictures of the animals. I'm a bit uncomfortable trying to take images in a zoo that attempt to hide the fact that the animals are in cages. There seems to be something of a deception in doing that, that doesn't appeal to me. So instead, I step back and try to find a different point of view.

sea lionthe family of man


Amy Sakurai said...

Very nice portrait of Paul, Gordon!

I like photographing children at the zoo -- although that tends to be a bit iffy in today's world.

Maybe I'm just not good at photographing animals anyway.

Anita Jesse said...

What a nice portrait and fascinating comments.