Monday, February 23, 2009

another week

hang gliding lessons

Another week over, in Raleigh - now I'm back in Austin. Another week not working on "the book". It has gotten to the point of being in double quotes. It is weighing on my mind, like my PhD thesis did, for the 10 years it languished unfinished. A low level, constant gnawing block of guilt at the back of my consciousness. I watch TV to tune it out. I go to the gym to avoid it. Drink to keep it at arms length. Blogging seems like another surrogate of avoidance. "Hey look - I'm writing - that counts - doesn't it?"

So to make progress and get out of this minefield of creativity and productivity porn I've found myself in, I guess I have to take Pressfield's advice and turn pro. Same advice as I found in the Creative Habit. Same advice in Time to Write and in Creative Authenticity.

It all boils down to this - do some work. Day after day. Everything else takes care of itself after that one piece falls into place.